Project with Emil Hvelplund Kristiansen
Ink and Acrylic on PVC, projected in Basel, Copenhagen and Paris. Digitally Photographed
When I wrote, my hands multiplied on the white empty paper
I saw the ornaments on my door enter the hallway, there were dark branches growing across the floor. I passed a building and on the wall there were two tulips much bigger than me. On the wall I saw windows crawling toward the ground. In the street I saw birds laying on top of a car, I saw them rolling over to the next car before laying down on the street. 
In my room there is a piece of furniture which crawls to the end of the room every morning. I have seen a glass resting on the side of a table, and I have seen doors open up to bushes. I have seen two strangers melt into one and I have seen men become small boys. I have been observing shadows the past months, when I noticed a world with other rules than the rules of the world, I know so well. The recognizable acted in unrecognizable ways, the chairs came and they left, the smoke ascended from the tulips and the stiff structures folded and intertwined.
Device: Optical lense, wood, LED-light and tripod